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After we have taken the photos of all the kids they will be entered into a voting competition where the winner will appear on the front cover of the Coffee Table book and win $250 Cash or a $5000 Photo Shoot and Package

Frequently asked questions

What does the Child Care centre receive?

The Childcare centre will raise money in 2 ways 1. The Childcare centre will receive 10% of all photo purchases 2. The Childcare centre will also receive 100% percent of the profit from any Coffee table Books sold

How much do the Parents pay for the photos and Coffee Table Books?

The prices are 1. High resolution Digital photo files ( Directly downloaded from a secure web viewing page ) are only $15 per Image 2. Hard Cover Coffee Table books ( these will have 1 Image per child in the book ) are $99 per book

What is the voting competition for?

Once we have photographed all the children we will run a competition where the parents will ask their family and friends to vote for their child. The child who receives the most valid votes will be the child who will appear on the fron cover of the Coffee Table Book They will also WIN a major prize of either $250 cash or a $5000 Dream Exposure Studios Photo Shoot and Package