Voting Competition Terms & Competition

Contestant Rules

  • To be eligible to be the winner all votes must come from NSW voters

  • Whichever Contestants has the most valid votes by the end of the time will be declared the winner

  • There will be only 30 Contestants in a Voting Competition

  • For a vote to be valid the voter must enter all information 100% correct otherwise vote becomes void

  • Voters can only vote once

  • The 1st Place Winner has the choice of either choosing $500 cash** or a $6,049 Dream Exposure Studios Photo Shoot and Package ( The Photo shoot and Package is not redeemable for cash )                                                                          ** If you have an outstanding open order with Dream exposure Studios and win the $500 then the prize will be deducted from your outstanding order.

  • The 2nd Place Winner will win a $1000 Dream Exposure Studios Gift Card ( Not redeemable for cash )

  • The 3rd Place Winner will win a $750 Dream Exposure Studios Gift Card ( Not Redeemable for Cash )

  • If there is a technical malfunction with the voting then the whole voting competition will be classed as suspended until the issue has been rectified.

  • Voting opens " 27th June 2018 @ 9am " and voting ends " 11th July 2018 @ 8pm " Any votes that come before or after those times will not be counted.

  • At the conclusion of the voting we will tally up all votes and announce the winner as soon as we establish the person with the most valid votes. 

 Voters Rules

  • You can only vote for one contestant and only once per voting competition

  • To vote you must live in NSW

  • To stop Spam and false Votes you must provide all information 100% correct

  • There will be a major prize of a Photo Shoot and Package valued at $3,175

  • For voting you will have 1 in 50 chance to receive a special Gift of a $450 Dream Exposure Gift Card so you can have and enjoy the same experience as the person who you voted for.