Madden Style Tshirt Terms & Conditions

Recruiting Stage

  • Recruiting for the The Madden Style T-Shirt search will go for 2 months from the start date unless we do not reach the minimum amount of contestants ( 25 Girls Minimum ) then we will continue to recruit until we reach 25 contestants.

  • All Photo Shoots are done at Dream Exposure Studios South Penrith Studio

  • Competition is Australian Based

  • If we do not reach 25 girls within 6 months then Dream Exposure Studios may run the competition on fewer contestants

Voting Stage

  • After the recruiting process the voting competition will start and last for 2 weeks

  • The top Guy and Girl with the most valid votes will be featured on one of Madden Styles T-Shirts

  • The Guy and Girl who has the most valid votes at the conclusion of the competition will also win

  • - A 12 month contract with On Cue Talent

  • - A Custom Made T-Shirt from One Dream Collections - Madden Style Collection

  • - A custom Photographic Portfolio

  • To be eligible to be a winner all votes must come from NSW voters

  • Whichever Contestants has the most valid votes by the end of the time will be declared the winner

  • For a vote to be valid the voter must enter all information 100% correct otherwise vote becomes void

  • Voters can only vote once

  • If there is a technical malfunction with the voting then the whole voting competition will be classed as suspended until the malfunction has been fixed

  • Voting opens once we have finished the recruiting process

  • At the conclusion of the voting we will tally up all votes and announce the winner as soon as we establish the person with the most valid votes. 

  • Every person who Votes will go into a draw to win a Major Prize of a $2500 Dream Exposure Studios Gift card plus 1 of 50  $450 Gift cards to spend at Dream Exposure Studios

  • Voting will start once we have recruited the minimum number of contestants

T-Shirt Process

  • At the conclusion of the voting and once the 2 winners have been announced we Madden Style will design a T-Shirt with your image on it which will go on sale and all profits from the sale will go to a charity